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WEBA Kayak Ergo connected to free Weba Science analysis software

The new WEBA Kayak Ergo has been developed to give both recreational and elite athletes a smooth and realistic paddling action combined with accurate monitoring and instant feedback from the WEBA Performance Monitor. This allows coach and athlete to instantly see the difference that technical changes make to power output and paddling performance.

An air displacement turbine simulates water fluid dynamics and provides an almost unlimited range of resistance as the load is regulated by the pulling effort. You can also easily regulate fly-wheel drag for additional flexibility.

The kayak seating position is height adjustable and can be either fixed or rotating and a retrofit add-on kit means the machine can easily be set-up for use by single-paddle canoeists.

The WEBA Kayak Ergo is quality engineered using heavy duty components, looks good and can be split quickly into two parts for transportation or storage.

Weba provides two FREE software packages for you to use:

Weba Science Software is an advanced analysis package which allows you to connect to a PC and live record your training or transfer stored training sessions from the monitor for deeper analysis.

Weba Racing Software enables you to run indoor kayak races via a PC and screen, or to set up group training sessions projected onto a screen to liven up indoor training.

Weba Kayak Science Ergometer
£1994.00 ex vat & delivery
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Optional extras include:

  • Sliding Kayak Kit...£ 560.00 ex vat and delivery (as pictured above)
  • Sliding Canoe Kit..£ 660.00 ex vat and delivery

Features Table

Price £1994.00
Stroke rate (spm)
Power per Stroke
Average Power
Heart rate
Pace 200m /500m /1000m
Internal memory (session recall)
Average stroke length
Force vs. Time graph (left and right)
Stroke length (left and right)
Programmable workout (Standard, Last workout, RePaddle or Custom workout)
Connection to Personal Computer (PC)
Weba Science Analysis Software free download
Race software free download
Slider upgrade kit optional extra
Canoe upgrade kit optional extra
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